Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Travel to Bangkok during Chinese New Year 2013

We stay at Novotel Pratunam Bangkok, the hotel was new and nice. The hotel was very near to the shopping mall and very strategies.

The view from 21st floor in our room

The view the lobby at 8th floor

The hotel room (Novotel Pratunam) is a little bit small, there is no bath tub but there is rain shower.
There is swimming pool, jacuzzi and fitness centre but no Massage centre :(
Easy access from lobby that connecting to the Platinum Fashion Mall Zone 3.
We spent most of our 2 days walking around this area (Pratunam), the hotel is near with the shopping centre such as Big C, Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Market, IT Mall and many more.
You can buy Sim Card to get the 3G services there for just around 400 bath for 7 days. Advise is to get at the airport upon arival.

The foods are cheap and delicious
This is just a few picture that we took, we are so hungry until forget to take all the picture of the food. Mostly the foods are relatively spicy and sweet,and the price are cheap if compare to Singapore.
Thai Ice Coffee

Thai Style Chicken Rice? With lots of ingridient? Im not too sure also... (:

Thai Style Ice Kacang?

Of course the famous Tom Yam Sea Food and Spring Roll with Thai Sauce.

Royal Palace Bangkok
We decided to only go to 1 temple during our 4 days trip. We choose the most famous one which is The Royal Palace. It cost 500 Bath for the entrance (Which is quite expensive) and you can enter most of the place in this area such as museum which i think previously require to buy separate ticket.

The place is huge and the weather is super hot. Not so many shelter, so make sure you wear some thing cooling, comfortable and bring water. If you go to Bangkok for the first time, this is the place that you must go, but i think once is enough. 
Panorama of the Temple

Panorama of the Painting on the Wall
The office i guess.

The Huge Guardian

Gate Keeper

Gold Temple

Siam Niramit Show
Siam Niramit Show is a must to watch, other than Ladyboy Show. 
Even-thou its very expensive, but it worth the money. It cost about 1000 Bath. 
Dont bring any camera other wise you will have to queue to deposit your camera before you can enter. 
The security very tight like at the airport. So better dont bring any camera. 
The picture shows only the entrance of the show. You can feed the elephant and take picture.

A very truly wonderful show. You wont be able to see this kind of show anywhere else. 
The setting of the stage, changing theme and so on is just amazing. 
And just little tips, the souvenir there is expensive than outside. 

You can visit: http://www.siamniramit.com/ for more details.

Cha Tu Chak Week End Market

Cha Tu Chak market is the biggest market that i ever visited. Unfortunately i did not spent a lot of time fto explore here due to one of my mate exhausted. But i can say, this market has everything, from clothes, pants, school uniform (heh?), souvenir, animal, plants, food, baby stuff, fake branded bag and many more. It is open only on weekend, so don't get the wrong days. Is a "must go" market to visit. Return to this market again? definitely  there are a lot of things to explore. Even we spend like 2 hours,  our hand already full of plastic bag. The stuff here cheap and a lot of varieties.  

Dont forget to wear some thing casual, cooling, and bring more water. Because this place is smoking hot. It can make you perspire within minutes. If you plan to buy lots of thing, go and buy trolley or luggage to help you carry your stuff. 

The funny thing about this market, if you come early in the morning, you can see a lot of seller of the shops are still sleeping. You need to wake him up if you want to buy things. And not only one shop, i think almost 80% of the shop seller sleeping when we reach there around 10 AM to 1 PM. And another thing about shop in Bangkok, not so many seller force you to buy, unlike other places such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Min. I found more enjoyable to shop in Bangkok. The people are nice, friendly and the price you dont have to bargain until 50%. Most of the stuff there is super cheap already. Most of the stuff is a whole sale price. So if you buy more than 1, they will give you cheaper price.

Platinum Mall Bangkok

Platinum Mall consist of 3 zone, Zone A, B and C. Our hotel (Novotel) is connected with Zone C. The thing that impress me most with shopping in Bangkok is that all shops selling different items. It is unique and local branded. So it is advisable that if you found something that you like, better buy it straight away, because most of the time you cant find it in another shops.

Zone A and Zone B are connected. Every level selling different stuff (Mostly clothes) for different ages and gender. And most of the items is whole sale items. It is heaven for SHOPALOVER.

Tuk Tuk
The famous Tuk Tuk. Surprisingly, i saw this Tuk Tuk take 4 passenger at the same time.

Lion Dance in Novotel Hotel

We are quite lucky to see Lion Dance after check out of the hotel.

A little GAG :)

Tit Bits 

Fattening our self with Singha Beer (Must Try) and snacks. And banana :p
Coca-Cola Can with Thai Logo

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport

And finally we are heading home to Singapore. A small advise, do not take taxi provided by the Hotel, because it can cost you double. The cost of Taxi from Novotel Pratunam to Airport Suvarnabhumi only cost around 400 to 600 Bath.

If you have any questions regarding our trip to Bangkok and you want to know more, can drop us comments bellow and I will try my best to help answer your questions. (:

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