Wednesday, July 4, 2012

8 Things to Prevent After Meal

1. Prevent Smoking after Meal
Because smoking after meal can cause 10 times worse than normal smoking time.

2. Drink Tea after Meal
The acid on tea can cause the protein inside the food that you eat difficult to digest. Drink tea after meal can cause slowness in retrieving the important nutrition under your body by 80%

3. Drink Cold Water after Meal
Cold temperature in the drink can cause the food that contain fat will not be digested properly, so the fat will stuck in intestine that can cause bottle neck on the digestion channel. At the end it will cause fat.

4. Eat Fruits after Meal
Some of you dont know that eating fruits after meal can cause your tummy bloating because full of air. Give 1 or 2 hour after meal before eating fruits.

5. Loosen your Belt after Meal
Most of people try to loosen their belt after meal because they feel their tummy is full, this will cause your intestine twisted and blocked.

6. Walk after Meal
Walk after meal can cause the nutrition will not absorb properly by digestive system, especially run it will cause appendix and vomiting.

7. Take a Shower after Meal
Those that have a habit after meal then go to bath, it will cause weaken the digestive system in the stomach because the bath after eating will increase blood flow to the hands, feet and body that causes the amount of blood around the stomach will continue to decrease.

8. Go Sleep after Meal
Sleeping after a meal will make the food can not be digested properly. Consequently, experiencing bloating and intestinal inflammation

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